Soft – E plus lotion


Soft-E Plus moisturizing lotion

with urea  & olive oil that rehydrate skin and Boosts moisture reserves for lasting hydration.

prevent dry, rough, scaly, itchy, flaking skin and other irritations.

It may also be used to help remove dead skin in some wounds and heal fast.

It gently dissolves the intracellular matrix which results in loosening of the horny layer of the skin and shedding of scaly skin at regular intervals, thereby softening thickened and overgrown areas of the skin.

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Moisturizing Lotion

Quantity: 100ml

Product by : Jasnic Pharma

Ingredients: olive oil, castor ail, collagen, Shea butter, lanolin, lactic acid, urea, petrolatum, paraffin, vitamin E


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