Glow Gentle Serum


Glow Gentle Serum | Skin Lightening |Anti Aging

  • Anti Wrinkle
  • Anti Acne
  • Skin Lightening
  • Reveal visible Radiance & FirmnessIngredientsAscorbic acid,

Mandelic acid,

Hyaluronic acid,


Usage instructions

Apply a warm moist towel to your face to gently open pores and leave skin slightly moist.

Squeeze the dropper to get sufficient amount on your skin with tiny dots of serum, spread the serum with your fingertips.

Apply twice a day.



Powerful anti oxidant

Glow gentle is a first of its kind with HA that combines with stable Resveratrol, Mandelic acid and synergistically enhanced with L-ascorbic acid.

Quantity: 20 ml

Manufacturer: Novion Pharma



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